Must read! Healthy Habits for Healthy Skin. Skincare Talk Radio


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My new favourite read!



Healthy Habits For Healthy Skin is the first ongoing mini-series of books. This mini book covers all the stuff Cieloscent talks about in her podcast Skincare Talk Radio.

She has a holistic way of thinking and living. Which means everything interconnects. The mind, body, and soul. The book covers all topics from which one would normally never think to read about when it comes to skincare. Such as how good cleansing breaths are, the power of music and much more. The book addresses important issues too such as acne, rosacea, how to clean your makeup brushes without using those chemical products to do it.


If you are a beginner to holistic skin care, then this book is your compass to the right direction. This mini book is perfect because it is easy to read, very informative without being overwhelming. You will walk away after reading the book feeling empowered to take the necessary steps for not only for the health of your skin but your overall well-being.


I would definitely recommend this book or ebook to anyone! Young and old. I would give this 2 giant thumbs up!

Congratulations on the book, Cieloscent! If you would like to purchase the book click here:

For the ebook click here: Both can be found on Etsy. Thank you for stopping by and I would encourage you all to buy this book or ebook to take charge of your life in every way you can.

UPDATE: You can now get the audio book as well as extra bonus tips. For the audible book click here:

Bye for now!


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