Fun in Cape Town

If you are new to Cape Town or considering making a trip to Cape Town, then these are the places I would recommend you to check out. Or even if you have been in Cape Town for years, but want to expand your places then carry on reading.  I narrowed it down to these must-see places. Welkom by Kaapstad! Meaning welcome to Cape Town.



It is the only toboggan track in South Africa and doesn’t need to be run on what you would expect snow and ice, but rather runs on a stainless steel track providing seating for one or two people.

It begins with a pull of a steep grassy slope by a hook at the bottom of your toboggan. You can control how fast or slow you go with a break. It is a wonderful place for the whole family and friends. Check out the video here to find out more about Cool-Runnings:  Take a look at their website:

Going hiking at Constantia Nek.


This hiking trip is for beginners I would say because it isn’t unbearable to handle, but easy going and the view at the top is beautiful!

This hike didn’t take long to complete only half an hour. No picture can really capture this because you have to be there to see it. Hiking is great bonding time to connect with family and friends as well as nature. To really appreciate the view and the company you are with. No fee for this, so you not only enjoy the view, be around good company, but you can be fit without having to spend anything.

Blue Route Mall.

This mall has everything you need! From clothing stores, tech stores, food shops and even has a cinema and more. Check out their website:



Chocolate lovers unite! At Rococoa they offer 5 options. 1: Chocolate tour. 2: Wine/beer chocolate pairing. (Must be over 18 to drink alcohol) 3: Truffle making. 4: Cake decorating 5: Chocolate appreciation. They have an option to even hire out a venue for a birthday party or a corporate function. This place is a chocolate lovers dream! Check out this video that will leave you wanting more! Check out their website for more details:

World of Birds Wildlife Sanctuary and Monkey park. 6tag-3268536543-1373070447067075083_3268536543


If you are an animal lover you would love this place! Get lost in the pure bliss of seeing all different birds as well as other must-see animals. For more information visit their website:

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you stop by again. Feel free to leave me a comment. I would love to hear from you!



      1. No, I’ve lived here for the past 5/6 years. I’m originally from Serbia (the Balkans), then moved to Canada….been around.
        I love traveling. Will definitely talk about it all in the future.


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