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Are there any questions about your life you been dying to know? If yes, continue reading.

Everything seemed clear on the website. She is a psychic, medium, clairvoyant, and an energy reader. (Reiki master) On the website, she asked for basic information name and age. I contacted her via her website providing all that with a question to a reading I wanted.



The readings are done online which is great for someone who doesn’t want to leave the comfort of their home. If you would be interested in meeting her face to face for a reading, then that is available too.



The readings are emailed to you via Windows Media Audio file format. The Readings she did for me was 7 minutes and 33 seconds. While listening to the audio I was nodding my head agreeing how right she was. Katrina was spot on with the reading!


Listen to a little of the audio reading on my YouTube channel that I created for my blog here:

After reading this blog post and listening to the audio on YouTube if you feel you’re interested in getting in contact with Katrina to get your reading done, then check out her website here: She really helped me a lot, and I’m sure she can help you too.

Goodbye & Good Luck Party

Ever had an experience with a psychic medium before? How was that like? Leave me a comment.

Thank you for reading. Until next time!

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