Moving on

Holding onto something you know you should let go of. Ask yourself this question, does this serve me a purpose to my life right now?

Looking back on the past is holding you back from what is right ahead of you. Your present, your future. Think of the past as you being in a small room without windows and the room is empty and you are locked inside. Instead of trying to find a way to get out, you remain there stuck. No shouting, no banging on the door to get out, you are just there with your thoughts consuming you. This is how holding on the past is like.

Letting go is easier said than done, we all know that. I want you to close your eyes and go back in time with the past. Think about it and imagine a hole in the ground. Picture throwing your past inside. Then appears a cement truck to close up the hole in the ground that has your past at the bottom of the pit.

Your past inside represents not clinging anymore and being able to let go. The end with the cement covering the hole is that you are able to not fall back into your thoughts. (Meaning not slip into the hole with the past) You can’t fall back because it is closed completely and you have made it all possible.

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  1. How do you let go of your past or a past when you enjoy it’s company? Let me explain, I’m married now and am happy. I often think of a past person and feel like my world would hey changed with them. Someways I’m over it and others I’m not. I’d be the most powerful person who fully enjoys my partner and am glad, happy and greatful. Now and then, this sneaky and amazing thought pops. Life, different and new. Exciting and passionate. I’m confused at theses times when I’m happy with my present and longing for a past. I don’t know how to burying it and am not sure if I want too. What I’m getting at, is not that the past was good or bad. It’s that it never happened and this leaves me with all theses ‘what if’s’. Living moments that never have been while in the past of an others embrace. (yip, tried it-the whole write thingie) … I’m just someone whose unable to let go of a past that never happen… sorry I tend to not make sense. Just shared thoughts

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    1. Thank you so much for leaving me a comment! 🙂 You would be the first person to share their story, so thank you for feeling comfortable to do so. I would love if others would be as open as you are! I would say what you are feeling is normal. I’m not married, but I have always longed for the past and it can be hard for me to let go. It is a working progress with everything in life. You are reminiscing about the past to have a sense of comfort. Yes, you are happily married, but in life, we have the mundane moments, the usual routines so you would think of the past as an escape because you want some excitement even if for a little bit. You are allowed to think of it, but don’t let it consume me. I’m not an expert, but my thought to this is maybe you and your partner should go out to places you haven’t been before. Get the excitement back into your marriage again that way you would be too busy focusing on your significant other you wouldn’t have time to think about this other person. My other thought that is coming to mind is going out there and finding what are your passions in life. Maybe there is something you always wanted to do but never did? That’s why you would think of the past because it is easier to focus on the past than the now and making the move to do that thing you always wanted. I have been there, so I get completely where you are coming from with thinking about the past. Thank you once again for sharing your story 🙂 I’m not sure if my advice would be helpful to you, but I wanted to let you know you aren’t alone when it comes to thinking of the past. Good luck to you!


      1. Thank you for your understanding and advice. In all honesty I haven’t thought about why I miss or would like being in the past. I know one major part of my life that has changed is I don’t write anymore. Get this, I used to write poems. That’s how love-sick I was about this person. Ever thought about having a section where one could share a story? Maybe a fiction or non-ficion one?

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      2. I can understand because I used to write poems too about someone and just the past. That idea is actually a great idea! 🙂 I should definitely think about doing that. I will email you from my email address, then you can send your poems/writing to me. Other people too then could send in as well. Thank you for the idea!


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