Every day may not be good… but there’s something good in every day

Fun (4).jpg

With life being so busy, then we forget about the little moments that took our breath away.

Someone could be having the lousiest day ever and the day would have felt as if nothing good came out of it, but if you stop and really reflect on the day then you would remember something good came out of it. It might not have been the biggest thing or something you feel is silly and not counted as good enough to mention.

Did that moment make you feel good? Whether it be as simple as getting a cup of coffee because you haven’t had coffee in a long time or at the end of a long day soaking in a relaxing bubble bath that made you feel good then that is considered something good to have happened in your day. Don’t rule out the little moments because those moments are just as important as the big moments and it was something that made you feel good even if it was quick or something small.

That significant moment made you feel good and that’s what it all comes down to. When you felt you had nothing good happen but there was something. Take comfort in knowing this.






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