Many times while out and about you would see someone on the street who has barely anything or sometimes nothing at all. Begging for food, clothing, and something to drink. To make it through to the next day by the grit of their teeth.

Something like this can be sad and especially heartbreaking seeing an innocent child with holes in their clothes and no shoes, so you notice bruises or cuts on their feet. No one deserves to live this way.

Any help you can do no matter how little would mean the world to a child’s life. Restoring faith back into humanity one step at a time.

A wishbone has said to grant wishes. This bone from a cooked bird is broken by two people and the person of the longer portion makes a wish. Hence the name Wishbones. When you purchase a pair of Wishbones footwear you get 2 pairs one for you and another for a child in need.


How it works is when you purchase a pair of wishbones footwear you would then register online a number you got with the flip flops and in return get a photo of the child in need wearing the Wishbones footwear.


What makes the flip flips different from other flip flops is you don’t have to worry about your feet getting dirty as it protects your feet from 99% of bacteria and fungal. Not only can you feel great knowing you helped a child in need, but you get to experience the benefits of the flip flops yourself as well.


Wishbones offers high-quality flip flops for females, males, children and unisex. No one is left forgotten. The collection they have are unisex, classic slim, blend slim metallic and mist slim. They have all different colours.


These flip flops felt like I’m walking on clouds. Comfortable and the bright colour could brighten anyone’s day.  The style I am wearing is unisex blend sunflower carbon.6tag_171116-151638-1




For more information on how to make a positive change in a child’s life go to their website if you are from South Africa: http://www.wish-bones.co.za/

If you are outside of South Africa take a look at their website: http://www.wish-bones.com/

Their Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/wishbonesfootwear/?ref=page_internal

Wear happiness, wear Wishbones.

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