That feeling that leaves you feeling sick inside and not knowing what to do about it. Not talking about getting a cold or flu this is something much worse. Being controlled.


Someone you least expect comes into your life and completely turns your life upside down. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it is a slow and draining process where one day you look in the mirror and hardly recognize yourself anymore. You no longer the person you were, but now someone you don’t know.


It isn’t always easy to know people who do this just by looking at them or having a few interactions. Controlling people tend to be the ones who would charm you so much at the beginning you are caught in their spell. Starts out plain sailing when you meet them, everything seems to click well.


You would notice a few remarks from the person later on but don’t pay attention to it and brush it off with the thought that person means well because he or she has never made you believe otherwise before. Blocking out the early warning signs for the sake of assuming the person is having a bad day or having a little phase so it would pass. It never does.


Starts out as something small you would think not a big deal which leads you to agree to it. Then you begin to notice more orders every day or as the other person would put it sharing their opinion and wanting the best for you.


If you feel some slight hesitant go with your gut feeling. Giving in so the other person would move on and things would go back to normal doesn’t work. In the moment sure, but you would be a sitting duck. Never being able to rest because the next moment would come quicker than you thought.


No amount of hoping and wishing wouldn’t work. YOU have to make the move to stop someone like this in their tracks and know that love isn’t meant to be that way. Healthy relationships are where both people love and respect each other, not where one person tells you what to do and you must go with what he or she says all the time.


The option of leaving the relationships is there, you just have to put on your brave pair of pants and do it! Deciding to stick it out for the sake of not being alone. By doing that you are saying to not only the world but to yourself that you are a pushover, a walk over and someone who doesn’t have the guts or brain to know what is healthy and what is not.


Would you want to one day find yourself having a baby with this person and not having the courage to stand up for what you believe? The child growing up with a parent who is this way to them?


Wanting to be with someone isn’t a crime. We all have that need for it. The real crime is wanting to be with someone who you know not only wears you down physically but mentally too. You don’t have to be the bravest person, you just need to know when to walk away and actually walk away and never come back.


Talking to someone who matters in your life about this person not only will help get the burden off your shoulders, it would let others know what type of person this is if they didn’t know before. You aren’t alone nor do you have to continue being with someone like this simply for how much time you have given to the relationship.


You might not see it now, but there will be light at the end of the tunnel. You have to be the one to get the light there. Only you can do that. Consider this as a life lesson. You are able to have the life you always wanted if you let go and learn to give to yourself first. If you don’t put yourself first and know what you deserve then who will? The power is right there, you have to grab it with both of your hands.



This drawing definitely makes you think! Thank you very much to David Mora for letting me use this for my blog. Instagram: LosAngelesDogs Website:



Every picture can be seen differently to others. What comes to mind with this drawing is the two people holding her up which could be seen as the woman no longer having control of herself, but going along with other people. Being controlled. The second way to see this drawing is two people using their strength to help someone who might be going through a hard time. How you interpret this drawing is up to you.




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