Social phobia

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Having social phobia can be crippling you from everyday life. Anyone who doesn’t have it wouldn’t understand your heart feeling like it would explode out of your chest. Being constantly on edge with everything when in public.

If you are going through social phobia please know you aren’t alone, you aren’t weird and you shouldn’t listen to others telling you to stop being dramatic. This is an illness just like many illnesses out there. This is an illness of the mind. Mental illness.

People have fears, it is what makes us human. Having social phobia leaves you in a state of fear all the time. Your hands shaky, your heart racing and wanting to disappear from the world and go to a safe place. Hiding away from others, making yourself so small to not draw attention to yourself when in public.

The obvious solution might be going to the doctor and having prescribed medicines to be able to live a normal life. How can a person go see someone for this when they can’t even face the world? When every day is this deep anxiety and fear of others. Face your fears head on wouldn’t work for someone who has this. Instead, it comes down to the baby steps you take.

Cold beverage- Take a cold beverage or something to drink with you. Not alcohol, but something you can drink to refresh you. If you are someone who gets flushed easily when around strangers then hold the beverage tight in your hands and let the coldness slowly work its magic to bring a calm state to you. Which would cool down your body temperature. This might seem like an odd thing, but it does help. Especially if you are someone who blushes.

Embrace the feelings- People who are suffering from social phobia where your anxiety is very high and you don’t want to leave the house.  Let your emotions be the driver. The feeling of your heart racing faster than ever, your hands getting sweaty and you wanting to hide away. Many times people who suffer from this want that feeling to go away.

No one knows you are going through social phobia unless you tell them. You don’t have to tell them so they wouldn’t know you have it. Trust me when I say that not everyone is looking at you and even if they are, then so what?

Adults normally need coffee to get them going for the day and out of the house. See having social phobia being that feeling that would make your heart race when out and alert for the day. You might think of having this as a weakness, but where else would you have your heart feeling like it would explode out of your chest? You get this high rush that many people want to get them going for the day. Embrace it. Walk with that emotions with you when you are out.

Imagine every worst possible situation- Normally I wouldn’t want anyone to think negative, but in this case, think about everything that could go wrong when you are out. Imagine every possibility. You fall down and people laughing at you, talking to your crush and your face turning bright red. Picture every scenario in your mind. By doing that it would prepare you for the worst which would let your mind try to not worry as much because you know something would go wrong and you are prepared for it. Come what may.

Lastly, I want to say to anyone going through this know that everyone is going through some sort of struggle in their life. Whether they admit it or not. You wouldn’t know someone is depressed because you see them smiling at everyone, but when they are at home they cry and struggle to get out of bed. No one knows someone’s struggles unless you have witnessed it or someone has shared with you.

We are all trying to make it every day and fighting our own personal demons, but it comes down to taking it one step at a time.





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