When you think of the word hero, then what comes to mind automatically is a masked man or a masked woman. Growing up children believe in the idea of a superhero saving the day and adults too aren’t alone with this.

Heading to the cinemas to witness the experience of what a hero is. You don’t need to be flying like Superman and be rich as Batman to be a hero.

A hero looks like a normal person but inside has a heart of gold. Spending a few minutes to help an elder cross the road makes you a hero. I’m sure there are many things that can make a person feel like a hero. Not for others, but for themselves, always willing to go the extra mile to help. They are those who want to make a positive change in the life they live in. Heroes are around us all if we stop and really pay attention.

Women are heroes for being able to carry life inside their stomach. The true heroes, however, are mothers. Any female can have a child, but to be a mother it takes someone really brave, strong to raise a child and someone special to love a human being more than themselves. Being completely selfless by putting their child before them every time without even thinking about it. Willing to do anything in their power to keep their child safe and put a smile on their face. A warrior, someone who marches on and never gives up. Fun (13).jpg


From the very old saying back in 1862 which says sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. A quote that means people cannot hurt you with bad things they say or write about you. Empowering as the saying is being bullied whether it is physically or mentally is something that can damage a person long after the incident happened and sometimes years to recover. It can happen to anyone, no one is safe. Children, teenagers, and adults too. The people who finally have had enough and are standing up for themselves those are the heroes. Confronting the bully head on without any violence, but the power of their voice. Making a change in the world to stop bullying.

Image result for bullying

People working in the public service such as teachers, doctors, nurses, vets, firemen, police officers and much more aren’t just a job to get paid, they are heroes. Those who are in this line of career are serving to make the world a better place. Dedicated at what they do and having a servants soul.


Here are some everyday life people who are heroes and the reasons why.


Richy Matthew from India donating blood. Blood is the most precious and personal gift that anyone can give to another person. Giving the gift of life. Donating blood can save a person’s life or several.



Mohammad Amin Khan with his team from Pakistan on Ramadan visiting schools to give underprivileged children school supplies. Distributing water bottles to those in need. Twitter: Mohammadameen96 Instagram: Instagram: M_Aminkhan




Mhlelusizo Ncube is an entrepreneur based in Zimbabwe who has started a cycling club to help young people discover themselves through sports to keep away from the cruel streets. Pictured are the donations she has received of cycling helmets. She also collects sanitary pads/tampons and pantiliners for teenage girls at an orphanage. Email: Mhlelus@gmail.com Facebook: Mhlelusizo Ncube.

Any act of kindness big or small makes a difference and that’s what heroes are made of.

Know any people who are everyday life heroes? Share in the comments!

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