A bright light

Growing up being a child of a parent who is a fireman then I became aware how easily a fire can be started and how it can destroy lives in a blink of an eye. I learned to be very cautious at all times by switching off the power sockets after using it and since my dad was a fireman then we never had candles around the house, but on a rare occasion if we would have then it would never be left unsupervised. I carried this way of thinking into my teen years and adulthood too.

YouTubers have definitely influenced viewers to purchase candles more than it was before as shown in haul videos. Smell-o-vision which is being able to smell something from watching it on the screen isn’t something possible to happen but simply describing the scent can be enough to make the people watching the video want to go out and check it out for themselves.

There are lots of appealing things about candles such as the smell that lingers on, the ability to create an intimate mood for couples and of course using it for the basic need for light when a power failure happens. It can be a cozy experience at home on a cold night with a vanilla scented candle burning while watching a movie. What happens when a person gets too used to candles and falls asleep with it? Takes the candle while walking up or down the stairs to their bedroom without putting on any light and being in that sleepy mode accidents could happen. One missed step then the candle falls flat on the ground causing a fire to start.

If you have never heard about scented flameless led candles then you are in for a treat! What is it exactly? Wax LED candles are flameless battery operated candles that flicker and glow like traditional candles as well as an easy to hold size remote to turn it on or off. Enjoy the real wax vanilla scented candles without having messy wax, dangerous flames, and the convenience at your hands with a remote control. WP_20170325_15_38_20_Pro





I purchased these 2 pack Wax LED Flameless Remote Controlled Candles at Clicks, but you can shop around at Dischem, Mr. Price Home, Checkers Hyper and look for a good deal on what fits your budget. Video I uploaded on my YouTube account showing how it works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h51iEiOjilA (I didn’t use the remote in the video because I couldn’t seem to open the back of it to put new batteries in, but you could simply switch it on or off at the back of the candle as showed in the video)

Share your thoughts in the comments about this product! Or if you want to just say hi that is fine too. I would love to hear from you!




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