My dog Jocky

The word ‘dog’ has been thrown around many times. Primarily used towards men. In social situations between male friends showing off their conquests, women who have experienced bad relationships or have encountered men who have shown inappropriate behavior.

What comes to mind when the word dog is used would be wild, not being an upstanding person and doing what they like without following the consequences. If you are a dog lover or have a dog, then you know that calling someone a dog would be an insult to the real dogs out there.

The reason the old saying goes a dog is man’s best friend is because a dog is more faithful than most animals and shows loyalty towards the owner. A dog is protective, strong and will make sure no harm is done to the owner. Dogs have a sixth sense when it comes to understanding humans. Knowing if a person has good or bad intentions and cheering up their owner when needed.

If a dog loses a limb the dog doesn’t spend one moment worrying about the lost limb, the dog doesn’t think about the other dogs who have 4 legs or feels depressed for themselves. Dogs aren’t like that. A dog loses a limb, then immediately the dog learns to run fast and sometimes faster than they did with 4 legs. They don’t care! Dogs with 3 legs are just as happy as those with 4 and overcome any obstacle that may come their way.

I hope this blog post has made you think what truly is a dog before calling that word to someone as an insult. Thank you for reading!

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