The 5 senses

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The nervous system has a specific sensory system or organ, dedicated to each sense. Humans have a multitude of senses. Sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch are commonly known as the 5 senses.

Thank you to these 4 bloggers: Magna, Anusha, Pauline and Sara for sharing their story behind the 5 senses.

Sight: Dark and heavy rain. Being the only child my parents were always overprotective of me, they wouldn’t let me go out and protected me from everything. I would usually stay at home all day during the summer vacations.

However, when it rained I would feel so energized and free. It made me so alive! I would always open my window and let the air blow my hair until the rain splattered all over my face.

It taught me everything was possible, as rain would come through even on the sunniest days.

By Mag. Twitter: Foreverbookblog Instagram: your.only.queen Facebook: Magna Yakkha Blog:

Sound: Have you ever heard the sound of the sound? Nonetheless, that’s tangentially bound. Hear it once, you’ll make out the beats. All you have to do is grab your seats. The voice could be your vocal, you’ll then believe. Also, to note, you’ll then be sure about how to live.

For if you ask how that is, you need to know what is. Seek and find, a reckon that’ll beacon, booming just the right strings on. The music then it shall be forth the presence, making the playful notes to have little more sense.

About the making progress for you to relish, like a delicacy to taste. Don’t dare to wind up in a jiffy, you sure don’t want end up in haste. Defects on the effects of hearing, not the hedge of rearing. It would rather be just like another window’s ring.

A common call that muses, nothing like the sound’s sound. That’s just something about the ground that’s round.The sound of the sound is one such. You needn’t think much, For once you hear it, you’ll find the essential key, and the you in me.

By Anusha. Twitter: Annealed_glass Instagram: Anusha_sridharan1 Blog:

Taste: It always amazes me how everyone’s taste buds are very different. I have always been a big food lover and enjoyed tasting lots of different types of food from all over the world. My taste buds always prefer the usual vodka and diet coke but I was much more adventurous when it came to food. That was until, in 2016, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I started a rigorous course of chemotherapy.

When I was diagnosed and advised chemotherapy was the best course of action, I was warned that my taste buds may change. Nobody was able to tell me why this would be, but it is thought it is a result of the damage of to the cells in the oral cavity, which is very sensitive to chemotherapy. I didn’t think much of it and just assumed it was one of those side effects that they have to tell about, but is very unlikely to appear. How wrong I was!

By Pauline. Twitter: Prettytwinklea Blog:

Smell: Every morning my dad would make himself toast before he went to work, and if it wasn’t burnt to a crisp he wouldn’t eat it. I never realized how much this scent would remind me of my dad until he passed away. For months after he died, I would catch a smell of burning toast and it would remind me of getting ready for school and watching my dad make his breakfast.

By Sara. Twitter: Sara_blogger Pinterest: Sarafayce Blog:

Touch: Growing up I was painfully shy and liked to be kept to myself. I had this coping mechanism that I still find myself sometimes doing and that is my hands. I would interlock my hands together, rub my fingers and used my hands to soothe me through situations that left me feeling anxious. Pockets would be my best friend as no one would see what I was doing. The touch of my hands was my security that helped me face everyday life.

By Kerri. Instagram: Lovelyk01 Twitter: love_kerri




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