What have you learned today?

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This famous quote by the late great Albert Einstein has stuck with me, but I never really took it to heart until now. It goes: “Once you stop learning, you start dying.”

In winter the days are shorter, and the nights longer. The sun goes down earlier and the blankets come out of hiding. If you are privileged to own a dog then you will know walks are a must for your dog especially if you have a small garden or no garden available where you live.


On a Sunday icy cold and dark evening with my trusty dog on his lead by my side, I went out for my usual walk around the area I live, but this was later than the normal time. Walking in the darkness can be a fearful thing, not knowing what is lurking by. If you suffer from anxiety then you know anything can set it off. Heart racing, hands clammy and all the other symptoms that come with being anxious.


In that moment I came to a realization. God is with me, he will keep me safe. If anything happened to me, it is out of my control. Walking is what clears my mind, makes me feel active and having my dog with is a bonding experience. Negative energy and thoughts would stop me from enjoying what I like to do. That is what I learned.


Life lessons can happen every day if you are mindful, patient, willing and open to the idea of growing as a person. The moment you think you know everything, that is when someone pulls the rug from under your feet. Truly wise people never stop learning. Big, small, young and old. Learning something new has no age.


Social media has become increasingly popular every single day. The advantage that comes with it is bringing people from all over the world together. Acquaintances, friends and if you are lucky someone special. What I recently learned came all the way from a Pakistani man and it was about plates, bowls, mugs, and drinking glasses.


Plates, bowls, mugs, and drinking glasses are universal across the world. I learned it must be thrown away the moment it is chipped. Restaurants in Pakistan offer the customers food free if any plates, bowls, mugs or drinking glasses are chipped and damaged. I couldn’t believe it!


Food and drinks should be treated with respect, enjoyed and not just something you eat and drink for the sake of it. Which is why the importance of the meal and drink should be served in good quality always.


Curiosity and the choice of wanting to learn are up to you. The world is yours for a never ending learning journey.


What have you learned today? Leave a comment, I would love to hear from you!


Sharing your learning experience can not only help someone else but empowers someone to share too.





  1. Awesome article. I have always valued knowledge and learning more than anything. There is no better feeling than opening one’s mind to the endless amount of information out there.

    Something I learned today: I learned how best to utilise the first and third person when writing stories (research for a book I want to write).

    Good luck on your journey of learning and have a wonderful Friday.


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    1. You are the first person to leave a comment on this blog post! I really appreciate you willing to take the time to not only read, comment but also subscribe too 😇 Thank you very much! Feel free to connect anytime and good luck on your book! All the best ✌ Great and informative website you have! I’m certain others would benefit and learn from you. Enjoy your weekend!


    1. Writing is not only therapeutic and fun but to know a person has helped someone through their writing is really the most rewarding thing 😊 Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment! I really appreciate it! Enjoy your day/night 😊 Keep in touch and good luck with your blog! ✌

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  2. What I learned today is probably quite an unusual one but I learned how to use new power tools. My boyfriend is building me a bookshelf for my room to house my unhealthy addiction to buying books and I decided I’d help him😂 now I would have considered myself quite a handy woman I took woodwork for 3 years and I understand the basics but I was so out of my depth I was afraid to touch any of them!

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    1. What a useful and helpful thing to learn! I could say a handy thing to learn 😛 Sorry, lame joke 😛 You should definitely do a blog post showing your bookshelf on your blog and I will check it out 🙂 Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! I’m really enjoying talking to bloggers and being part of this blogging community 🙂 Enjoy your day/night!

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    1. Hello, thank you so much for considering me for this blog award! However, I already did a blog post about it so not sure I could get away with doing it again 😜 Thank you again, I really appreciate it! 😊 Enjoy your day/night

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    1. Hello, thank you so much for taking the time to comment on one of my blog posts!:) I somehow saw this was in the spam folder. How weird! Luckily I recognized your picture and name, so I didn’t delete it 😛


    1. Hello, Ashiana, thank you for dropping by my blog and sharing your thoughts in the comment of this post 🙂 I appreciate it! Yes, learning something new is so important because otherwise, we all become stuck as human beings and not moving forward. Enjoy your day/night!

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