Questions About Your 4 Legged Friend

Social media opens up the doors of opportunities in communicating with different people from all walks of life across the world. I wanted to write this blog post because of my personal post that I previously wrote.

I bring to you Kamal Adel from Cairo in Egypt, a veterinary student. He finds passion when helping sick animals and living a better life. When speaking to Kamal via Instagram I can sense he genuinely cares for animals as he answers my questions thrown his way which most was that time about my dog and questions from others regarding their 4 legged companions. Questions About Your 4 Legged Friend (1).jpg

Disclaimer: All information shared on this post is about dogs provided by a vet student. Certain subjects addressed aren’t for the squeamish!

I do not get any compensation from Kamal or from the products mentioned in this blog post. The purpose is to bring education to people. Please consult your nearest vet doctor for any queries about your beloved pet.


How does one become a vet doctor? Fun (5).jpg

How was your first experience operating? Fun (1).jpg

Any surgeries you later did that you can recall? Fun (4).jpg


Do you get emotional? How do you deal with an animal that dies when all you want to do is help them?Fun (3).jpg

A senior dog has fluid buildup, what would you do? Fun (4).jpg

What kind of lead would you recommend for a dog? A puppy? Or a mature dog?Fun.jpg

What is the best treatment for a dog with a blind eye?Fun (2).jpg

What would you advise for a dog that has arthritis?

Fun (3).jpg

How much exercise is needed for a dog? Fun (4).jpg

What treatment can help a dog with bad skin?

Fun (9).jpg

What do you do when your dog is not wanting to eat their own food, but only their owner’s? Fun (12).jpg

Is it necessary to evaluate your dog when barking at your own family if they approach you when you asleep? Is this behavior normal? Fun (9).jpg

If a dog has problems eating their food, then what could be the problem? And if it is dental problems, then what can the owner do to help the dog?Fun (10).jpg


Best Dog Toothpaste Brands.jpg

Best Dog Toothpaste Brands (1).jpg

Thank you so much, Kamal, for your generosity in taking the time to answer all my questions for my blog! Instagram: Twitter:



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    1. Wendy, you should include yourself in that positive people list! You are up there too, girl! I always enjoy our conversations on social media 😊 Always feel a warm presence with you! I hope you one day get the chance to have a pet because they are a blessing! Have a fabulous weekend 😊


    1. Hello, Ash, thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog post 😊 Ah, I don’t know if I would be prepared to handle that 😜 But I do have a big appreciation for people who do what they do! Major respect! Have a good weeke 😊

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello, Ana, thank you for stopping by my blog 😊 I literally could have asked him question every single day. I think at one stage I was asking Kamal questions almost every day for a week 😛 He has all the answers I needed to know about my dog Jocky, so he was like a knight in shining armour in a way to me when it came to my dog 😛 Enjoy your day/night!


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