Confessions Of A Sociopath, Happy Birthday and The Healing Touch For Dogs! 3 Books You Should Check Out

PicsArt_10-26-01.43.53I recently started to get back into reading and stopped by the library to pick up 7 books.


Here is the review of 3 different kinds of books, but something that would cater to someone who enjoys knowing how the mind works. (Psychology) and on the opposite side is a book that reminds me of the Hallmark Channel. Last book is for all the animal lovers out there (dog lovers) I didn’t actually get from the library but purchased myself from a bookstore.



The first book: Confessions of a Sociopath.



The cover of this book really caught my attention! A clear canvas face with feminine lipstick, but the creepy elements of the cut-outs where the eyes were meant to be and the head on a stick.


What it says on the book: M. E. Thomas is a high-functioning non-criminal sociopath


Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room! This book isn’t exactly an easy conversation starter to discuss when having dinner around people. When I first got this book at the library, a few people in my life found out and their reactions spoke volumes! Not having to say anything, but the look on their faces was enough to gather disproval.

My initial reason for getting this book wasn’t to read about the gory details, but gaining knowledge in knowing how a person’s mind works. In this case, a sociopath.

I was skeptical reading this book because at times felt this might be written by a very good actress playing a role, but that might be my mindset because it can be hard to wrap my head around the fact there are people out there in the world who are genuine sociopaths.

The book is unnerving, the writer is full of herself and she knows that, but her charm allures you in. She gives the impression that being a sociopath is a way of life that everyone should hop on board with while proving historical information and research.

M.E seems to be an everyday person and a successful career woman on the outside, however, the fact she isn’t able to experience the basic human emotions of empathy, guilt, and remorse makes her appear as a robot but a robot that gets power in controlling others emotions.

I don’t agree with her, but with everything in life is a learning experience. As the old saying goes, chew the meat and spit out the bones. Meaning, you don’t have to accept her behavior, but what you can gain is insight.

1. Confidence- M.E thinks highly of herself. A clear narcissist, a characteristic that sociopaths have. Having confidence in oneself matters in the grander scheme of things. (Not in a destructing way of harming others or getting into trouble of course)

2. Not all sociopaths are alike- I had the misconception that sociopaths aren’t able to have a successful career, but that isn’t always the case.

3. Emotions- M.E isn’t able to tap into emotions that naturally occurs for people. She is all about facts. As much as people need to have emotions, it can get in the way sometimes of life. To be able to control your own emotions in terms of handling professional situations, negativity etc can give you that added advantage.

Final thoughts: Thankfully Confessions of a Sociopath doesn’t have an overwhelming amount of violence but has a smidgen nonetheless.

What I did appreciate is a diagnose of the signs one can look out for someone who is a sociopath. It can be helpful if you have never come across someone who is like that, or at the back of your mind might question someone’s behavior if he or she is a sociopath then you can get a clear indication of what type of person they are.

Rating: 4/5

Happy Birthday by Danielle Steel.

preview (1)


What it says about the book:

Time to blow out the candles, say goodbye to the past, and make a wish for the future...1.jpg

I will admit I got this book at the time because my birthday was approaching.

Despite how successful these 3 characters in the book are they have insecurities just like everyone else about getting older. The events that happen awaken an epiphany in their lives.

Danielle steel always gives the reader an attachment to every character she writes about and this book has no exception. She allows the reader to feel safe and be part of the characters ups, downs, triumphs, victories, losses, twists and turns that come their way.

I think anyone can resonate with this book because getting older can have mixed emotions. You can’t control it, fight it or deny it. It is something that just happens. A way life goes.

The only negative side is her writing can be repetitive mentioning certain details, but since I haven’t read a book in a long time my concentration can get lost sometimes so having the certain repetitive details helps me as a reminder of what is going on in the book.

Final thoughts: Happy Birthday is an easy, comfortable book that I would describe as a Hallmark movie, but the actors (in this case the writing) is far better quality. I couldn’t put the book down!

Rating: 4/5.

The Healing Touch for Dogs: The Proven Massage Program.



What it says about the book:

Time to blow out the candles, say goodbye to the past, and make a wish for the future...1 (1).jpgThe reason a newborn baby is placed on the mother’s chest is for connection and bonding. With that being said, the power of touch isn’t something to brush past as insignificant when it is the most fundamental part of the human experience.

The healing power of touch doesn’t apply only to human beings, also to the soul of our 4 legged friends, dogs. Think back on the times you were having a hard day and suddenly your mood changed from down to up when you pat your dog.

The power of touch can be awkward and uncomfortable if you aren’t someone who finds it easy to do. I have noticed since reading this book a simple pat on the head and body for my dog won’t cut it anymore, I want to be vulnerable in opening up with my dog and letting him know I’m truly there for him.

The Healing Touch for Dogs is a heartwarming read, however, the only downside was if you are looking for actual step by step tutorials on how to massage your dog then best to watch videos on YouTube to get a clearer vision on how to achieve that.

After reading this book I don’t know how it happened, I threw caution to the wind and finally let the walls come down by massaging, hugging and providing the power of touch as much as I can with my dog.

Rating 4/5

Have you read any of these books? What are your thoughts? If you have any book recommendations then leave a comment!








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