Random acts of kindness

A kind gesture doesn’t always have to cost an arm and a leg! Guess what? All ideas in this blog post are FREE! What I enjoy most is that anyone in the world can do this. All thoughts on this blog post are of my own, not sponsored. Screenshot of the website (2)

Click to feed a dog.



Any animal lovers who want to give back, but unable to volunteer at an animal shelter for whatever reason or someone who is on a tight budget can do this. It doesn’t cost you anything, you just need the internet!


Created from a network website helping shelters and the public in finding a home for the animals in their care around South Africa. Click to feed contributes 10% of a bowl of food to dogs. They fund it when someone buys an advertisement spot on their website page, the money goes straight into Click To Feed.


How it works? You click on the Click To Feed button on the home page from their website. With every click, you help feed and shelter animals in South Africa. It only takes a few seconds to do and you can click up to 5 times per day! The website: barkingmad.co.za/click-to-feed-2017-last-quarter/


Screenshot of the website (1)

The screenshot I took from the website.






New and very small bloggers can feel like a fish out of water in the blogging world. Producing content shouldn’t go unappreciated!


One way to put a big smile on their faces is by leaving a comment on their blog post. I don’t mean a generic comment such as ”good post” Take the time to ACTUALLY READ the blog post and then leave a GENUINE COMMENT! Liked the post? Go into details sharing what you liked about it.


Answer this: Would you want someone to slap together a comment on your post writing ”Good post, I enjoyed :)” No! Your work took you time, effort and you deserve a comment showing what people seriously think about it. Who knows, by leaving a comment on someone’s blog post, you might in return get a comment on your blog.


Leaving comments doesn’t only mean for bloggers, but think about your followers too on social media. Make someone’s day by private messaging them a positive quote or a picture. Everyone wants to feel special, and this can take away the disconnection of making the internet feel it is a number’s game. You took time to think of someone, and being thoughtful.



3. A woman of high value.


This one might not be the conventional way of what comes to mind when thinking of a kind gesture, but you would sure to have your friend thanking you!


If you have a friend who is always complaining about singlehood or someone who needs their head checked with the type of relationship she or he is in then consider checking out Ladies relationship coach.


Who is she? Greta Bereisaite or as she is known online as Ladies relationship coach is a remarkable entrepreneur woman who helps females with men in becoming a woman of high value. I first discovered her via Instagram and you can find her on YouTube too.


Help your friend in need by introducing her to Greta. The first consultation is free! Any advice/question regarding men can be answered via Whatsapp. (Disclaimer: Should your friend wish to continue asking for more advice then naturally a fee would be involved)



Greta’s Bereisaite



Greta Bereisaite overseas WhatsApp number: 00447702196055


Greta Bereisaite UK Whatsapp number: 07702196055


Greta’s Bereisaite Instagram page: Instagram.com/ladies_relationship_coach


Greta Bereisaite YouTube channel: YouTube.com/c/DatingCoachx


It isn’t always about grand gestures, the little things matter in the grand scheme of it all.


Do you have any free ideas to spread positivity? Comment down below!













  1. Hey, long time no see. Missed you. What’s up? Hope you’re doing alright.

    Nice post. Kidding, 🙂 although it was great.

    Sheltering dogs is one of the most generous thing one can do. Honestly.

    I’m happy you addressed No 1. I really HATE when I put an effort in commenting sb’s post and all I get in return is – Yeah. There’s this guy who I don’t always see eye to eye on things so I want us to discuss these issues in more detail. I write how I see it, which is in most cases contrary to his view-so fucking what????? And the reply I get is-I agree. No, god dammit, you can’t agree, because our points are diametrically opposite. So if you do, it means your post isn’t worth a thing. You know what I mean?
    Or when sb supposedly reads 5 of my posts and only likes them. It shows me they never actually read them or thought about the things I addresssed, but are only interested in my following them back. Pathetic.


    1. Greetings 🙋 I know, I haven’t been consistent in my content, but I don’t have to worry because not like I’m getting paid to blog 😂 Oh yes, I have experienced people who like my posts, but it is almost too quickly. I mean my writing isn’t quick, so I can tell they do that to get likes. I sometimes feel conflicted on what to do. One hand, I think be nice and return the favour. On the other hand, then I think why? They didn’t even read what I blogged about. But I still end up liking their posts because of manners 😂 I know I’m a teeny tiny ant blogger, so I might as well appreciate the likes and return the favour 🤔 I would be more satisfied with genuine likes and comments though. Thankfully people like you are cool and take the time to actually read and comment, so that is a great feeling 😄 Have a good Christmas if you celebrate! Not sure if it’s a bit soon to wish, but maybe by the time you see this Christmas would be here 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Agreed.
        Marry Xmas to you too. Ours is actually on Jan 7, still time, but I’ll be at my friends’ for this one. 🙂
        I’m not religious but like the tradition. It’s never too soon. You see, I’m doing it too. Besides, if you don’t write anything in the meantime, this is the only chance, I guess.
        All the best.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Sometimes just a small act of kindness can make someones day. Holding open a door, saying hi. Or like you said; leaving a comment on someones blog. For example, your comment on my blog post made me really happy, because it’s my first comment ever! 🙂 So thank you so much for stopping by, sweety! Like you said; Creating content shouldn’t go unappreciated!

    On number 1; I used to volunteer at an animal shelter. But due to becoming chronically ill I had to give that up.. So this way of giving back is perfect for me! You just need a computer and internet connection. So perfect 🙂 This way I can still help out the animals in a way! Thanks for sharing!

    I didn’t know Greta yet! She sounds like a smart and kind lady. I really should look her up for a bit.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello, Angela, loving your positive energy! Thank you honestly for sharing your valueable time to not only read my blog post, but leave a thoughtful comment 😊 I always have the utmost respect for those who volunteer! Sorry about you not being able to continue, but hopefully you find this way at least giving back a little can make a difference 😊 Greta is the older sister I wish i could have 😛 She tells it like it is to ladies, and I find that women need to hear what she has to say. Have a good day/night! 😊


    1. Hello, Sophie, welcome to my blog! Thank you for stopping by and taking time out of your day to share your thoughts 😊 I always appreciate it! Oh yes, when I discovered that I thought how awesome it was to give back to helpless animals (especially dogs since I have a dog myself) Apparently they been going every year, so I’m behind with only finding this out 😛 Definitely check it out, and let others know too 😊 Have a good day/night!


  3. Love this post. Totally get the blogging point. I love it when people write descriptive comments on my posts. Shows they have made the effort to read it and that is the least we should do!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello, thanks for your comment! I appreciate it 😊 Exactly, I mean why should a person even comment if they didn’t read the blog post? At least read it when they have a chance or in the right mindset. Otherwise they shouldn’t even bother in my opinion. I would prefer little comments than comments that is a lot, but people haven’t read it properly and giving standard comments such as “good post” Enjoy your day/night, Faisal!


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