What I got for Christmas 2017

I am beyond thankful and blessed to have people in my life who were generous to give me Christmas presents.

Fall is here! (2)

It doesn’t matter how many presents you have received! It seriously comes down to having a grateful mindset.


That applies to anything in life. A roof over your head, clean water, a warm bed, clothing, delicious food and all things that might seem insignificant but in all honesty matters as there is someone out there in the world without those fundamental things we take for granted sometimes. Remember that!


If you would like me to do a review on any of these products, feel free to comment down below on what product you would like me to review.


Here’s what I got for Christmas:


  • Tribal print top. I wore this top with navy blue leggings (I forgot to take a picture of the leggings I got for Christmas) 20171227_121205



This similar top can be found at Jet. https://www.jetonline.co.za/paisley-print-vest 


  • Assorted biscuits. (As you can see, the biscuits were from Woolworths) I Love the colour of this box! It is a tin box that is perfect for reusing to store anything you want. 20171227_113155


  • Essence beauty box. I haven’t seen this before so it might be a limited beauty box edition, but I can’t be 100% certain. Essence can be found at Clicks and Dischem.

Link to my blog is in my bio!

Inside was an Eyeshadow quad, Forbidden Volume Mascara, Sparkle Sand Top Coat, Essence Dip Eyeliner, 2in1 Lipstick in 02 make some noise & Liner. (Inside the box had tissue paper that said Essence, but I don’t have it anymore)


  • Design Lash Volume Mascara, Design Cosmetics wipes, and Kelso Relax body wash all found exclusively at Edgars.20171227_120436


Untitled design


  • Step up your skincare game! A facial steamer helps open up your pores and releases toxins from the skin. Your facial creams can sink deeper into the skin with the help of this product.


Untitled design (2)


The colour is a vibrant hot pink. A winning combination of headphones and earphones included.


De Villiers Crunchy Biscotti Milk Chocolate Bar from Woolworths. (I found the picture on the Woolworths website) I would have taken a picture of it, but I ate it. Delicious and a proudly South African brand!De-Villiers-Crunchy-Biscotti-Milk-Chocolate-Bar-80g-6009802107874


What did you get this year for Christmas? (2017) Comment down below! I would love to know.


I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas! Until next time.






  1. My favorites by far are biscuits and chocolate. Can’t help it. I have a sweet tooth.
    Facial Steamer? No kidding. Didn’t know such a thing exists. Do you recommend it, I mean really recommend it?
    I didn’t get a thing. Not complaining though. It’s not in our tradition.

    It seems pretty warm down there. What are the temperatures? (The dress looks nice on you. It compliments your figure.)
    It’s snowing in Munich.
    Hugs from moi

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Lucky you! Snowing? Ah, jealous. It is humid here and I think most people have had enough. Oh my goodness, everyone thinks this top is a dress 😛 Lol. I have ALWAYS wanted a facial steamer for a long time! A genuine recommendation 🙂 Another way to have this pampering spa experience if you don’t want to go the route of buying it, then fill a glass bowl with warm water and steam your face like that too. I remember seeing a family member do that when I was a child, so it sort of stuck with me this 😛 You could always treat yourself to something for the new year? *Coughs* sneaky biscuits or chocolates 😉 I always enjoy seeing your comments on my blog! Don’t be too much of a stranger, tweet me too if you want 😛 Hope you have a good new year 🙂 Take care!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I will. Promise. That’s another NYR, to use Tweeter and Facebook more. Blogging takes most of my time so I don’t seem to have time for anything else.
        BTW, this whole filling a glass bowl that you find funny is sth I still do. Old fashioned girl, what can I say. 🙂


    1. Hello, thank you for leaving your comment 🙂 Welcome to my little ant blog 😛 Oh yes, I am right there with you! It isn’t meant to be ”bragging” but rather we all like to be snoops 😛 Happy 2018 🙂


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