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Welcome to my blog! Today I have put together 5 things that I hope help you have a more positive life. All thoughts are my own, not sponsored. Sending positive vibes to everyone reading this!


  1. Appearance.


I remember walking past this woman a few times as I headed to the shops. Her outfits and hair were always what caught my attention. She was dressed to impressed. When I discovered, later on, she was really struggling financially I couldn’t believe it!


The fact that this person was able to still take care of how she looked despite struggling with money impressed me. Looking your best isn’t a superficial aspect, it brings positive vibes. As the old saying goes: ”When you look good, you feel good”









2. Exercise.


It isn’t always about working up a sweat, any exercise is better than nothing. Walking with your dog, a friend, family member or you’re significant other. Organizing hiking trips when everyone is free.


Creating workouts from home. If you have stairs in your home, use it as part of your exercise. Running up and down the stairs. You don’t need to go to the gym in order to keep active. Put on an inspiring podcast or listen to music when working out. Use these resources to make working out from home not feel like a chore, but fun to do.


I have a 2.5 KG hand weight that I rotate to use for both my arms. Now, this hand weight might appear puny compared to the other weights that are out there, but for me personally, my goal isn’t to be ripped but to do some exercise a day. I include doing lunges and sometimes skipping. Regardless of your purpose for wanting to work out, the main thing is to try every day to do something to get your body moving.




3. Animals.


Over the course of life, even children who see the world with potential can become jaded adults sometimes. It happens to the best of us. Watching how animals interact with each other might leave the most cynical person with a sense of hope for the humanity in the world. When my beloved dog Jocky died I couldn’t imagine being around other dogs ever again.


I wanted to disconnect from that part of myself, but when my sister moved in close proximity to where I lived, I was faced to see her dogs whenever I went to visit her and my nephew. I eventually embraced her 8 year old cheeky Jack Russel dog called Lucy and her 2 year old Siberian husky wolf of a dog named Anakin.


My sister’s Siberian Husky dog called Anakin

Animals have a way about themselves that lets us open the doors of vulnerability, joy, and a positive frequency. There’s more to life than just us, animals are proof of that. Plan a day at the zoo, volunteer at animal shelters, spend time with horses or hug your dog or cat. Being around an animal or your pet brings positive energy into your life.


Untitled design.jpg
Visiting the horses


4. Spirituality/meditation.


I was gobsmacked the first time watching the movie What’s Love Got To Do With It. If you aren’t familiar with the movie, it’s a biographical film loosely based on the life of the legendary singer Tina Turner.



Becoming famous and successful as we know it doesn’t happen overnight for the most part. It takes years and years of hard work, determination, perspiration, dedication and much more. I never knew Tina Turner went through what she had to get to where she is today. Her late ex-husband Ike Turner was a monster to her. He would physically abuse Tina to the point where she couldn’t take it anymore and at one point in her life she wanted to take her own life to end the suffering.


The reason I’m sharing this is that what gave Tina Turner the strength to finally stand up for herself and leave Ike Turner was from meditation. The power of serenading yourself to a higher source, whether you call that God or any other name helped change Tina Turner’s life around for the better and it can do the same for you too.


We as people assume we can handle everything by ourselves and we can, but why should we? Not everything in life is plain sailing, however going through struggles doesn’t mean you have to do it all alone. Putting your problems, struggles fears into God’s hands allows you to have faith in something beyond yourself. It creates a shift in your mindset which brings a positive perspective on your life.


If you aren’t ready to take the leap in going to church or any place of worship, then focus on your prayer/meditation life right in the comfort of your sanctuary, your home. Share not only your bad times but what you want to achieve, your hopes and ambitions in your life. There is no right or wrong way to prayer, it’s about having an ongoing conversation with a higher power than yourself.


5. Stress Soother.


Stress is the number one killer. Chronic stress can lead to serious health problems around the world for people. Stress is inevitable, it comes with being alive. Help minimize the stress in your life. I came across this product called Stress Soother at Clicks.


It claims to soothe muscular discomfort assists with circulation, soothes aches and pains. Shaped like a pillow you would take to the airport when traveling to prevent a stiff neck. The Stress Soother is a microwaveable bean bag that contains essential oils in the wheat-filled inner bag. (You can use it warm or cold)




For me, this reminds me of bean bag you put in the microwave to warm yourself on those cold winter nights expect this contains essential oils which have benefits for your beauty care, cleaning products, and natural medicine treatments. (Always consult with your medical doctor before using any product that contains essential oils)


I can’t say 100% this product helped me with any aches or pains because the purpose for myself to use it was for relaxation reasons. It might have been another gimmick product marketed well with the name ”Stress Soother” in making customers believe it helps with stress and aches. I enjoyed the warm feeling it had on my body and the fresh smell of essential oils it had.


What helps you feel positive in your life? Share in the comments! I would love to know. Until next time!

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    1. Hello Bojana, I know it feels like an eternity since blogging 😂 I have been writing, just not for my blog though. Getting back to blogging is fun, so hopefully I’ll make more of an effort with it 😊 How are doing? Hope all is well!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello, welcome to my blog! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment 🙂 I really appreciate it! Music is also another wonderful thing that helps too! I should have wrote that 😛 Have a good day/night!


    1. Hello, glad you can stop by my little blog 😊 I really appreciate your comment! Thank you. Oh yes, I can fully agree to that! Animals gives a person such a sense of comfort. Have a good day/night!


  1. This is so true, especially the exercise and animals part…they both make such a difference! I’ve got the exercise part down but I still need a pet, I adore animals 💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello, thank you for sharing your time on my blog 😊 I appreciate it! Good on you for getting the exercise part down! I sometimes get in the mood of not wanting to do any exercises at all 😂 But then when I do it, I’m in a much better mental place. It definitely helps! Good luck on getting your pet 😊 Animals are a wonderful thing to have in life!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I like your post as I’m working now on bringing more positive vibes into my life. Referring to point 3 – I can add that having aquarium with fish is very relaxing. Watching them for a few minutes is much better alternative to TV 🙂 It is something on my list to get in the future. I used to have aquarium as a kid and can highly recommend it.


    1. Hello, happy weekend! Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving your comment 😊 I never thought before about watching fishes as relaxing, but really thinking now about it makes sense. Good way to look at it!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love these tips, I also use essential oils to destress myself along with hot baths. I am a big fan of aromatherapy. It just soothes my soul. I also have a dog who helps me so much. He’s always there ready to jump on my lap and give me sloppy kisses.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello, happy weekend! Thank you so much for leaving a comment 😊 I really appreciate it! Ah, how I miss baths. Where I’m from there is a water crisis happening, so no long baths but only a minute shower happens 😂 That’s sweet! Bless your dog! So cute ❤ Enjoy your day/night!


  4. Great positive vibes. I agree about taking the time with your appearance. When I’m feeling down I almost stop trying, which just makes me feel worse. Doing your hair and make-up really does make a difference!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Nikki, it’s about self-love at the end of the day. Even on days when a person isn’t feeling their best putting that effort into their appearance shows not only to yourself that you matter but to the world too. Thank you for reading and for commenting! Have a good day/night 🙂


  5. Love this post! Animals is a great one as well, one that wouldn’t have instantly come to my mind but it’s so true! Animals have a way of healing people no matter what they’re going through. Thank you for your positive vibes! 🙂 xx


  6. Thank you for sharing your positive vibe, Kerri 🙂 I have been away lately and I really enjoy reading your post! I totally agree with your word “you feel good when you look good” Looking good totally boost my confidence 🙂 Anyway, you look amazing in the picture ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Loved reading this and being reminded of those simple lovely things that help to bring forth balance and positivity. 💗 Thank you 💋

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