If Life Was A Video Game



I came across this different and fun idea from the successful YouTuber Superwoman aka Lilly Singh. While watching her older vlogs on YouTube she had this interesting and different way of completing her daily errands, chores, and tasks by giving points. I thought that was such a fun way to incorporate into my life!


Looking at life in a video game way, the mundane chores we have to do, working, going to school, college or anything that is the same routine of life can feel like we are a hamster in a cage doing the same things, going on the same wheel and getting nowhere. The idea of creating a video game checklist is a different way to look at your daily activities in a rewarding way.


How it works: Start out by writing everything you would be doing that day and give the number of points next to each chore, activity etc. What doesn’t come easily, then give a higher point. Calculate the total score and deduct the points you wanted to gain if you didn’t complete it.


Throughout the day, I ticked off everything I completed and put a cross on the things I didn’t achieve that day. I initially wrote this on a piece of paper, but I would like to continue doing this so I would recommend purchasing a notebook that can easily fit into your handbag or any bag you carry because that way you can still keep up with the checklist when out.


For this blog post, I wrote my checklist on Canva for that professional touch. Canva.com


At the bottom of the page is my video game checklist I’m sharing with you. I calculated every point for each activity, chore etc. The amount I got is 3650. I deducted points from what I didn’t do which lead me to the total score of 2200.


Blue and White Striped Checklist.jpg

Having a video game checklist (point system) helps a person remain mindful of what their schedule looks like. As you can see I didn’t complete everything on my checklist.


I could have lied and said I completed everything, but I’m only cheating myself. The satisfying feeling of completing some things on the checklist is a win in itself and at least I earned some points compared to earning nothing at all.


I created a free template if you want to take the video game checklist and earn points too! You can download it here: https://everydaylifegirl.files.wordpress.com/2018/04/teal-and-brown-illustrated-sea-creatures-checklist-list.pdf


My main focus for the checklist was not thinking negatively/overthinking. The reason I was able to thankfully achieve it was because I was looking at the world with fresh eyes and having a grateful outlook is good for your overall health. It doesn’t always come easily, but I am glad that day I obtained it even for just a day.


Since I shared my checklist, then I thought to share pictures of my day out in Hout Bay. Below pictures were taken on Sunday 22 April 2018. Enjoy!

Seals at Hout Bay Harbour in Cape Town.






Boats for sale at Hout Bay Harbor








The environment made me feel I was at a museum, but this was a shop where people can purchase unique items at the store and of course fish, live lobster, and sushi.




How creepy and fascinating at the same time. Realistic and excellently made!




I don’t eat lobsters, so I got such a fright when I looked at the lobsters thinking it was spiders! Anyone eat lobsters?



Thank you for reading. Get starting your checklist! Until next time.

Everydaylifegirl (1).jpg


    1. Hello Bojana, your name always reminds me of that song Havana by Camila Cabello 😛 Anyone can do this, it’s about putting in the effort. Like I said, one can even purchase a notebook to carry it in their bag and continue with the checklist. Have a good week! Thank you for your comment 😊

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