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Hello everyone who is reading! Today I’m sharing my cousin’s beautiful wedding day on my blog.


I’m not a professional wedding planner nor have I ever got married myself, but the intent of this blog post is to not only share this spectacular memory, but to help where I can.


If you aren’t engaged or married yet, then you could always store this in your mental files for the future.


Before we begin, I would like to acknowledge the elephant in the room. Out of respect for my family and the people who came to the wedding I have chosen to keep their faces hidden.


The privacy of the people who are in my life has always been a priority for me and I intend on keeping it that way. If you follow me on any of my social media platforms you will see that too.


I have no problem with other people posting pictures of those who are in their life, but for myself personally, I will keep things sheltered. Hope you understand! Each to their own when it comes to this.


Now that’s cleared up, let’s get into the post you actually came to read about!



  • Bridesmaids dress: I wasn’t one of the bridesmaids however, I did adore the peach, flowy, dresses the bridesmaids wore.


I found an almost identical picture of the dress online. It is called the Peach Chiffon Strapless Sweetheart Long Feminine Bridesmaid/Mob Dress.


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The bridesmaids pictured here showing how the dresses look at the back.


  • Shoes: I appreciated that the bridesmaid’s shoes were comfortable! After searching I came across the slingback thong sandals.Candie's® Women's Rhinestone Perforated Slingback Thong Sandals
  • Venue:  The wedding and the wedding reception was held at the Pond at Monkey Valley Resort Plush Retreat with beach access and dining at Chapmans Peak, Cape Town. The view was a dream!


Bringing nature into the wedding outside with the pond, trees and beautiful flowers along the pathway to the wooden wedding alter. To view one of the top wedding destinations in Cape Town, check out their website for more information:

Image result for Wedding reception Setup at the Pond


Image result for monkey valley resort wedding


Picture from the top left and top right: The wedding reception was held. Bottom picture from the right: A cozy restaurant where the guests were enjoying their leisure time before the wedding ceremony began.


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The theme of the wedding reception was simple and elegant. Held inside a cozy log cabin. Peach, white, light yellow and pale pink roses placed in mason jars that were tied with jute rope and some roses were placed on the actual table itself, including white Chinese lanterns and white chair covers.


Lynnes Phone 959

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The beautiful beach access included in the location were taken full advantage of for the perfect pictures. Make sure beforehand by watching the news to see how the weather would turn out or have a weather app on your phone to keep you updated. The windswept hair is lovely to capture, at the same time you wouldn’t want your hair to be disheveled like the girl from the Ring if the wind is too powerful or it starts to rain.Lynnes Phone 969.jpg


Eat: When it comes to food, it’s important to be aware of what your guest’s food preferences are. Whether vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or any food allergies. My cousin, her husband and everyone that came to the wedding ate everything, so that didn’t apply to them.


There was no wedding cake, only a cupcake stand shaped like a wedding cake. Creative! If you are going for a small and intimate wedding, having a large wedding cake might go to waste. Instead of the traditional cupcakes, you can personalize it by having the bride and groom fondant wedding toppers. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any food photography at the wedding. The cupcakes were simple vanilla icing and chocolate icing.


The focus of the food at the reception was all about the food platters and desserts. Tea sandwiches, (mini sandwiches) boiled eggs, sausage rolls, savory cheese pastries, samosas, mini pizza bites, chicken legs, salads, kebabs, roast potatoes, crackers, and cheeses, garlic bread and many more delicious food platters.


The desserts were malva pudding, ice cream, chocolate brownies, trifles, macaroons, cheesecake, assorted biscuits, milk tart, apple tart and many more mouthwatering desserts.


Alcohol: I’m personally not someone who drinks alcohol, so I didn’t have any at the wedding. Celebratory shots were taken at the wedding reception to welcome the bride and groom. The display with the candle at the top with rose petals around the candle and rose petals on the table where the display was added that feminine, romantic and welcoming touch for the guests.IMG-20180405-WA0000.jpg


Showstopper! The Wedding dress: The picture here isn’t of my cousin in her wedding dress, but a model I found online. The wedding dress is almost identical to hers!


The ball gown with a sweetheart neckline and beaded lace wedding dress. The attention to the details of the beaded lace dress was exquisite! With this dress, my cousin had her hair down in loose waves and a small white orchid in her hair.


Picture found at:



When it comes to a wedding, it’s a personal choice on how you want it to go. There’s a lot missing that I haven’t included in this blog post, however, the little parts I shared then I hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful.


If you are getting married, I send you my best wishes and good luck. Thank you for reading! Until next time.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this post. It is such a beautiful wedding gown and bridesmaid dress ❤ I adore the theme of wedding. Congratulations to your cousin 😊


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