Happiness and How To Achieve It


Good morning/Good afternoon/Good evening/Good night. I have stepped away from blogging for a couple of months to focus on personal development. This blog post I am proud and excited to announce that I am now a Certified Happiness Life Coach.


In this post I will be sharing a snippet of the information I am coaching. One of the layers I will briefly discuss today is the 2nd layer and that is your Belief System.


For a more in-depth information with me on learning about happiness, then feel free to book me as a coach. My email: Kitykatk@gmail.com Included in the coaching with me are worksheets and activities in achieving your core happiness!


Coaching will be done via WhatsApp voice call/WhatsApp voice messages. With my coaching, I break down the information in an easy and relaxed format for you to understand happiness and how to apply the information in your life to achieve your core happiness.


As I write this, I am currently doing a lucky draw on my Instagram where one lucky winner stands the chance of receiving free Happiness Life Coaching with me. The competition closes on 26th December 2018. My Instagram link for more information if you are keen to enter: https://www.instagram.com/p/BqKyNCWFJca/


Back to business here! The 2nd layer for learning about happiness and how to achieve it is: Belief System.


The reason this applies to happiness is that certain beliefs can stop you from experiencing your full happiness. With this layer, it is about taking the time to reflect on all your beliefs throughout the course of your life and writing it down. Pen to paper time! Then erasing ones that no longer serve you and replacing it with ones that will create a happier life. (If you aren’t sure where to begin, then that’s where I come in to help you  have a clearer understanding)


Initially, starting out there will be a resistance in wanting to leave what you are comfortable with. Acknowledging discomfort is the first step in the growth process and the ball is in your court on whether you want to remain stuck or move ahead to reaching your full potential.


Here is a familiar quote which you might have heard and believe in: ”Money doesn’t grow on trees.” Firstly, that statement is already false in itself because money is made from a tree! I can understand a parent saying to their child ”Money doesn’t go on trees”. A parent says that to their child because when a child wants something, they want it now. In order for the child to gain new things in their life, he or she would need to be appreciative and grateful for what they currently have.


That is easier said than done, which is why a parent might result in saying ”money doesn’t grow on trees”. The problem is when the child grows up and continues to have this mindset it, then it discourages them to pursue their goals, dreams, and ambitions because they believe there is no money to make in what they truly want because of the belief: ”money doesn’t grow on trees”.


Okay, that’s it! A little information on the coaching I am doing. With that being said, I would like to clarify I am not a psychologist. My role as a Happiness Life Coach is providing information to clients on what I have studied and learned when it comes to happiness and how to achieve your core happiness. Educating, empowering, motivating, and showing anyone can achieve true happiness in their life. It isn’t this grand thing and it can be attainable!


However, as much as I want to help many people, I know my place and where I am unable to help, then that’s where a psychologist or a counselor would need to step in.


I was blessed and thrilled to recently be on Skincare Talk Radio’s Podcast sharing a little information on my coaching. You can listen here: /http://skincaretalkradio.cieloscent.com/s-637-the-happiness-coach-by-kerri-fabulous-guest-presentation/


Thank you for reading. Once again, to book me as a Happiness Life Coach then contact me via email: Kitykatk@gmail.com


I am looking forward to beginning the happiness journey with you!


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