Podcast appreciation

Interested in listening to Podcasters, but not sure which one? Here are some you should take a listen to.

1: Skincare Talk Radio- Cieloscent talks about skincare in a holistic way and how important positivity is and how life events affect the skin.

2. The Art Of Love- Dating and love advice from relationship expert Lucia. Lucia offers dating advice to women and men while not being afraid to tell it like it is. She shares her experiences when it comes to dating and answers readers emails who needs help.

3. Ladies Who Lunch- YouTubers Ingrid Nilsen and Catrific cover every topic from relationship, sexuality, race, no subject is left uncovered with these 2. Freedom of speech is what women should have, and these ladies prove they have it. Feel part of their inner circle as you listen.

4. Not So Nice Advice- Chuck Nice is a comedian who along with guests analyses advice columns and blogs. The show revisits letters already answered by the columnist or blogger, explains why their advice is wrong and then offers the correct advice while providing comedic entertainment. This podcast can be outrageously funny and inappropriate, so I would suggest adults only. Image result for nice advice  podcast

5. Cieloscent Rosary- There is a great power in prayer and unity. Conversations that nourish the body, mind, and soul. To empower you to reach your highest human potential. Image result for cieloscent rosary

6. Modern Love- True life stories of love, loss, and redemption. Based on the popular New York times column. Different celebrities read these stories and you will without a doubt be left with lots of emotions. All the stories are written beautifully and are original. This podcast will really pull at your heart strings.

Modern Love Podcast

7. Love Life with Matthew Hussey- He is the world’s number 1 dating coach and expert. Improve all relationships in your life and the most important relationship, yourself. All advice is practical, easy to understand and you can implement to have successful relationships.

Image result for life live with matthew hussey