Take the exercise challenge.

Welcome to my site. I want to take a moment to talk about exercise. I know people talk about it and it sometimes can go through one ear and out the other. Or some people are wanting to get into doing exercise but aren’t sure where to begin. Let me just say how important exercise is! Even light exercises can make you more energetic, let you sleep easily at night and just great for your overall well-being. If you have watched the movie Legally Blonde, then you recognise this quote she says about exercise. 

It comes down to how good doing exercise can make you feel. In all honesty, people are busy with life, some might be a busy mother, busy with their jobs etc. The list just keeps on going. I can understand the thought of having such a busy day, then not wanting to do anything and just simply watch tv or do something that relaxes you. I’m here to say that these exercises I’m sharing won’t take that long. Seriously! It takes just a few minutes a day and you can do it from the comfort of your home. You might be thinking what is the point in doing exercises just a few minutes a day? What would that even do? Can that even work? Yes, it can. It has been proven even a small amount of exercise is great for your well-being. Alright, alright, I have gone on too much 😛 Let me get into the exercises 🙂 For those who have read all this, thank you so much. I plan to put out more posts here, so I hope you enjoy. Side note for motivation: If you do this every single day it becomes part of your routine and they say after 30 days of doing something, it then tends to stick with you. Which makes it something you do without even knowing 🙂 If after doing it for so many days and you are feeling adventurous, then up the number. From 20 to next week to 3o to 40 and so on. It is all up to you. Baby steps first and then work up the pace to go for more. Good luck!

The exercises: 20 lunges on each leg.  

20 jumping jacks. 


20 squats. 

Get a skipping rope and skip to 20.  



20 Triceps dips. (You could use a sturdy chair) 


20 High knee running.


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